Monster Club - Season Zero (Ships August 2019)


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That's Season Zero

Monster Club Season Zero is a complete set of 54 unique cards. You can play with two players or assemble your own deck of unique cards.

Monster Club combines the excitement of poker, the strategy of chess and an unearthly conflict of monsters. Imagine all that just during the lunch break.

The more the merrier

Monster Club is even better together. Season Zero is a great present to give and to get. Thereby the more people who play Monster Club the more fun it gets. Save yourself or a friend additional shipping costs and get multiple Season Zero sets at once!

quick & challenging

Monster Club delivers the ultimate retro gaming experience in a quick yet challenging package. The game is easy to learn while you play.

Play with two

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Two players playing a game of Monster Club.

With the cards included in this package two players can compete. Therefore Season Zero holds two balanced decks of unique cards that can be customized at will.

Create your own deck

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Someone drawing a card from its deck.

We highly encourage players to create their personalized decks. With the 54 cards included in Season Zero the possibilities are endless.

What's In The Box?

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The box of Monster Club Season Zero turning around.

Season Zero holds 54 unique cards. Amongst them are 32 monster cards and  22 power cards. Together, the cards may form two starter decks. Monster Club is even better when you create your own deck.

All cards are marked to be identifiable as 'Season Zero: The Original Set' cards.

Kingdom Deck

S0-01 The Army's Greatest Force

S0-02 The First Power Sword

S0-03 The Most Loyal Mage

S0-04 Monster Swap

S0-05 The Witch Of The Night

S0-06 The Spirit Sword
S0-07 Savannah Warrior
S0-08 Power Destruct
S0-09 Kiss The Fist
S0-10 Gonzo Plus
S0-11 Gonzo The Golden Sentinel
S0-12 Armed Knight
S0-13 Surprise Defence

S0-14 A Fire Dragon

S0-15 Return From The Grave

S0-16 Bad Doggo Of The Grave

S0-17 Unarmed Knight

S0-18 The Destacker
S0-19 Army Soldier
S0-20 Army Soldier
S0-21 Dragon Neutralizer
S0-22 Gonzo
S0-23 Three Turn Protection
S0-24 Deck Genie
S0-25 Select & Destroy

Dragon Deck

S0-26 Dragon Of The Shimmering

S0-27 Giggles

S0-28 The Second Power Sword

S0-29 Combo Dragon #1

S0-30 Combo Dragon #2

S0-31 Combo Dragon #3
S0-32 Good Food
S0-33 Card Thief Ray
S0-34 Power Extinction
S0-35 The Mage Of Solar Magic
S0-36 Power Swap
S0-37 Cat Dragon
S0-38 Poisonous Eel

S0-39 Bat Dragon

S0-40 The High Ground

S0-41 Heart Soldier

S0-42 Position Restrict

S0-43 Pretty Forest Dweller
S0-44 Lava Girl
S0-45 The Mask In The Curtains
S0-46 Quicker Cat
S0-47 Deal With The Grave
S0-48 The Grand Power Up
S0-49 Stack Safeguard
S0-50 Rising Moon

Extra Cards

S0-51 Combined Force
S0-52 Guardian Of The Forest
S0-53 Rising Sun
S0-54 The Witch Of Power

How To Play

Included is a compact guide to get started playing Monster Club quickly. The complete guide is filled with rich content, insights & examples on how you play and available online. Check out the complete guide on


The more people who play the more fun it gets. Which is why we include a fancy sticker in every package for you to stick anywhere you'd like!