Ditch the phone. 
Play Monster Club.

Monster Club combines the excitement of poker, the strategy of chess and an unearthly conflict of monsters in a card game. Imagine all that just during the lunch break.

What is Monster Club?

In Monster Club friends compete in games of playing cards. There are two types of cards: monster cards and power cards. Players enhance their monster cards with power cards to overwhelm their opponents.

Quick, Fun & Challenging

Monster Club is easy to learn and quick to play because it makes use of simple concepts like Rock Paper Scissors. Its many tactics and combinations makes Monster Club a very challenging game.

Take control

In Monster Club you decide wether you win or lose. It is up to you wether you surrender to your opponent or choose to take a leap of faith and continue the game.

Two monsters in conflict.

Get the Free comic

We know you don't like to read manuals. Instead, it is much more fun to watch a game of Monster Club first. Jump right into the action and learn how to play by the hand of the free comic!

The box of Monster Club Season Zero turning around.

Get The Game

Compete with friends or assemble your own deck with the 54 cards Monster Club Season Zero contains. Monster Club is better together and makes a great present too.