Welcome to Monster Club! "The most relaxed TCG in the world..."

For players

With over 200 collectible cards and easy rules Monster Club is the most relaxed trading card game in the world. Monster Club's simplicity allows everyone to pick up a deck and play. We created a full comic series to get you into the game quickly. Easy!

"Monster Club is the most relaxed trading card game in the world."

-Every player, ever

For collectors

To collectors, Monster Club holds a special place. For early cards are considered to be extremely powerful and are rising in value with every passing day. Ask early Monster Club players about their 'pre-balancing system cards'!

"For collectors this is the moment to jump into Monster Club!"

- Gregory, US

For retailers

Physical stores are the perfect place to get together & play! Therefore we're just as excited as you to get Monster Club on your store shelves.

Stores all over the world are welcoming Monster Club on their store counters. Are you a retailer or do you wish get Monster Club on store shelves at your favorite store?


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Connect and challenge other Monster Club players on Discord! It's also THE place to discuss Monster Club topics. By clicking the button below you'll be redirected to the Monster Club Discord server.

Free COMICs 📚

We know you don't like to read manuals. So we've created comics to jump right into the action and learn how to play!