Terms and conditions

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1. Can I use Monster Club Content to create my own content with?

Certainly! You are very welcome to use Monster Club content you can find on our Press Center (yup, you're considered press now) and on our social media channels. We also got some Gifs for you on Giphy and Tenor.

Friendly request: We love to see, and possible even share, your content along with you. Do not hesitate to tag or notify us of your activities.

2. Correctness Of address

Please make sure that the address that your provide to The Monster Club Corporation is correct. The address your provide together with your order is the address your order will be shipped to. if there's anything off please contact The Monster Club Corporation instantly.

3. In case a product gets lost in shipment

The Monster Club Corporation ships globally. To do so we are highly dependent of national and local postal services. Exceptionally, the unpleasant situation of your order getting lost in shipment may occur. If you discover that your shipment takes longer than it should please contact The Monster Club Corporation.

Don't worry! We want to get you playing as soon as possible and got your back.

*When you submit your address you accept the responsibility of being able to receive your order at the specified address. The Monster Club Corporation cannot guarantee that your products gets delivered when the submitted address features errors.