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A game of Monster Club Season Zero on a pile of cards.


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The community calls him 'Demo Guy'.

Some cards of Season Zero in a gif.

Rotating set of Monster Club Season Zero. (Infinite loop)

Unfolding set of Monster Club Season Zero.

Lifting set of Monster Club Season Zero

Season Zero sets.

The cards of Season Zero.

Season Zero cards.

Set of Monster Club Season Zero in hand.

Every turn you draw until you hold 5 cards.

Each card is unique.

At the start of each turn you draw until you hold 5 cards.

The Dragon Of The Shimmering.

Traversing the globe.

Monster Club makes use of simple concepts like 'Rock Paper Scissors'.

A conflict of monsters.

Cover of the free comic.

Spread of the free comic.


For two players at once.

An unearthly conflict of monsters in a 10 - 15 minutes card game.



Some cards with pixelated graphics.

The Witch Of Power 
& a face down card.

Many cards. Very retro. Much wow.

The very basics of Monster Club.

Cards in midair.


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