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Monster Club holds many cards and it holds even more ways to put them to use. Need some specific insights in a certain card? Check it out!

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Find What You Seek

Are you looking for a specific card? Then check the code on the bottom right of the card. All cards on this page are in chronological order.

All the information you need is written on the cards. However, some cards can be a little more complex and you may require additional information. We sorted some of these cards out for you. You'll recognize them by the ⚠️ next to their names.

S0-01 The Army's Greatest Force

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"This ultimate soldier holds the potential of victory."

S0-02 The First Power Sword

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"The first sword forged to wield magical powers. It’s made of gold because that’s fancy."

S0-03 The Most Loyal Mage ⚠️

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"This magical entity values loyalty to its master above all else."

This card only initiates an attack if the command comes directly from its original owner. Which means that it cannot attack when it is on the opponent's board. If that is the case, during the opponent's attack phase, technically the original owner can initiate an attack with this card on a stack of its own. But why would you do such a thing?

S0-04 Power Destruct

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"A strong spell destroying all equipment."

S0-05 The Witch Of The Night

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"A moon spirit that can form a powerful ally in both an offensive and defensive strategy."

S0-06 The Spirit Sword

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"A sword that bears the spirits of the forest spirits. It can only be wielded by magical sensitive entities."

Only a 'paper' type monster can wield this power card. The type of a card can be found in the bottom right corner.

S0-07 Savannah Warrior

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"Most who've encountered this creature could not tell the story."

S0-08 Monster Swap

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"A trick that enables you to take control of a monster of your opponent."
The monster card you select is transferred to your side of the board. It cannot initiate an attack during the turn in which this event occurs. However, it is able to move.

S0-09 Kiss The Fist

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"A rock-hard golden fist."

S0-10 Gonzo Plus

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"This monster is powered by the milk light of moon. It climbs the highest mountains to get closer to it."

S0-11 Gonzo The Golden Sentinel ⚠️

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"An ambitious soldier and a giant made of rock merge as one golden sentinel."

To play Gonzo The Golden Sentinel, both Army Soldier and Gonzo Plus must be on your side of the board. Destroy both stacks to play Gonzo The Golden Sentinel.

S0-12 Armed Knight

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"A brave armed knight."

S0-13 Surprise Defence ⚠️

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This is a very special card which can be played from your hand during one of your opponent's attacks. It still needs to be stacked to a monster card and it adds up to the power card counter of that monster card. 

If one of your stacks is being attacked, you can play Surprise Defence from your hand to increase your monster's score. At the end of the opponent's turn, this cards is destroyed.

S0-14 A Fire Dragon

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"Just a dragon found near volcanic geysers."

You can have multiple A Fire Dragon cards in a deck.

S0-15 Return From The Grave

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You can return a monster from your grave to your board. Make sure you have one position open for the returning monster.

S0-16 Bad Doggo Of The Grave

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"A fur-ious spirit that rarely visits the realm of the mortals. It is said it steals the souls of those who dare touch it."

This card's effect only works if it is played face down. When it is attacked its effect is activated. The stack that initiated an attack on this stack is destroyed. This effect only occurs if the opponent initiates an attack. 

S0-17 Unarmed Knight

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"A brave unarmed knight."

S0-18 The Destacker ⚠️

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"The Destacker prefers to spectate from the shadows. In contrast to most other monsters, the Destacker is aware that he is part of the game of Monster Club."

During your play phase (the part of your turn after you draw and before you attack) power cards stacked to The Destacker may return to your hand. 

S0-19 Army Soldier

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