The basics of Monster Club

In Monster Club two players compete in short games of 10 to 15 minutes. Watch the video 📼 or read on 👇 to learn how you play!

Your deck

Your deck holds 25 unique monster and power cards. Monster cards form the basis of your deck. With power cards you power up your monster cards or enhance them with special effects.

It's your turn

Players take turns to play cards and attack. At the start of each turn you draw until you hold 5 cards. 

At the end of each turn you always need to have at least one monster card on your board. If that's not possible with your current hand you have to show it and return it to your deck. Shuffle and draw again.

Stack 'em

You can stack power cards to monster cards. Again: it is up to you whether you do that face up or face down. However, take note that a face down card is not active whilst a face up card is. Also: You cannot stack face up power cards to a face down monster.

Take note of the power card indicator in the monster card's bottom left. It is the maximum amount of power cards that may be stacked to it.

More about Monster Cards

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This is a monster card.

Monster card name: Every monster card has a name displayed at the top. Multiple monsters of the same name are not allowed in one deck if not stated otherwise on the card. 

Power card maximum: At the bottom left corner an icon is displayed showing a number. This is the power card indicator. It shows the amount of power cards this specific monster can hold.

Score: At the bottom center of each monster card  a score is displayed. This is the monster card's attack force. When in conflict scores are calculated. The stack with the lowest score is sent to the grave.

Type: At the bottom right the monster card's type is displayed. This is either 'rock', 'paper' or 'scissors'. Players only turn to their monster's type when in a conflict in which scores are equal. In this case rock is dominant over scissors. Scissors is dominant over paper. And paper is dominant over rock. The inferior stack is sent to the grave.

Special effect: Some monsters have special effects. If so, these are displayed above the score. The rules on the cards are always superior to the game's main rules.

There always must be at least 1 monster card on your field during your turn. If there is no monster card on your field and you hold only power cards you must show your hand to your opponent, put the card back in your deck, shuffle and draw 5 new cards.

More about Power Cards

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This is a power card.

Power card name: Every power card has a name displayed at the top. Multiple power cards of the same name are not allowed in one deck if not stated otherwise on the card.

Special effect: Below the visual of the power card its special effect is described. Some power cards only have a calculation effect. In this case, often there is no description needed. The rules on the cards are always superior to the game's main rules.

Power card indicator: A power card can be distinguished by the bottom left icon showing the letter 'P'.

Calculation: At the bottom center of some power cards the calculation of its effect can be found.

Type: At the bottom right the power card's type is displayed. It is rarely necessary. In the case the situation occurs in which power cards clash this works the same as for monster cards.

Power cards are never standalone cards and must always be stacked to a monster card. Always take note of the 'Power card maximum' of the monster you stack a power card to.


At the end of your turn you can initiate attacks on the conflicting stacks. During an attack all cards involved turn face up. The stack with the highest calculated score remains in place whilst the stack with the lowest score is sent to the owner's grave.

When stacks are equal players turn to their monster's type. That's either rock paper or scissors. The dominant type remains.

Win / Lose

When you can no no longer defeat what is on your opponent's board with your remaining cards you surrender.

In Monster Club you decide when you win or lose. It is up to you if you surrender or choose to take a leap of faith and continue the game.

Precomposed decks

You can create your own personalized decks to compete with. However, with one Season Zero set, two balanced decks can be assembled so you and someone else can compete in a game of Monster Club. Check the deck lists here:

Kingdom Deck

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The Army's Greatest Force

S0-01 The Army's Greatest Force

S0-02 The First Power Sword

S0-03 The Most Loyal Mage

S0-04 Power Destruct

S0-05 The Witch Of The Night

S0-06 The Spirit Sword
S0-07 Savannah Warrior
S0-08 Monster Swap
S0-09 Kiss The Fist
S0-10 Gonzo Plus
S0-11 Gonzo The Golden Sentinel
S0-12 Armed Knight
S0-13 Surprise Defence

S0-14 A Fire Dragon

S0-15 Return From The Grave

S0-16 Bad Doggo Of The Grave

S0-17 Unarmed Knight

S0-18 The Destacker
S0-19 Army Soldier
S0-20 Army Soldier
S0-21 Dragon Neutralizer
S0-22 Gonzo
S0-23 Three Turn Protection
S0-24 Deck Genie
S0-25 Select & Destroy

Dragon Deck

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Dragon Of The Shimmering

S0-26 Dragon Of The Shimmering

S0-27 Giggles

S0-28 The Second Power Sword

S0-29 Combo Dragon #1

S0-30 Combo Dragon #2

S0-31 Combo Dragon #3
S0-32 Good Food
S0-33 Card Thief Ray
S0-34 Power Extinction
S0-35 The Mage Of Solar Magic
S0-36 Power Swap
S0-37 Cat Dragon
S0-38 Poisonous Eel

S0-39 Bat Dragon

S0-40 The High Ground

S0-41 Heart Soldier

S0-42 Position Restrict

S0-43 Pretty Forest Dweller
S0-44 Lava Girl
S0-45 The Mask In The Curtains
S0-46 Quicker Cat
S0-47 Deal With The Grave
S0-48 The Grand Power Up
S0-49 Stack Safeguard
S0-50 Rising Moon

The Cards

Monster Club holds many cards and it holds even more ways to put them to use. Need some specific insights in a certain card? Check this out!

The Board

Monster Club shines in its simplistic approach. However, the board has different sections and sets the stage for movement and tactic.