Monster Club Complete Guide

Whether you are new to Monster Club or are a more experienced player. This guide will set you up for success. Here you'll learn how to play or discover new insights in strategies and tactics.

Rock, Paper, Scissors.

The Basics

By taking note of a few basic rules, Monster Club will quickly become your playground. Check out the basics to get started now.

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The Cards

Monster Club holds many cards and it holds even more ways to put them to use. Need some specific insights in a certain card? Check this out!

Help during play

We try to keep the game of Monster Club as to the point as possible. However, on this page you might find the answers you seek while playing.


Monster Royal

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To win your opponent needs to surrender to you when he runs out of playable cards or can no longer destroy what's on your side of the board.

Monster Maze

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In Monster Maze all the Monster Club rules you are used to are in play. Yet there are many more positions on the board. A monster card can be played to any position on your board. 

Yet in Monster Maze a stack can move one spot in four directions each turn and can also enter the opponent’s board. Also different from the Monster Club you’re used to in Monster Maze a monster is allowed to move one spot and initiate an attack on a facing monster during during the same turn.


  • 2 decks of 25 unique cards.
  • Attach 2 multifunctional boards together.

Watch the video

Multiplayer Club

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In Multiplayer Club multiple players compete in a game of Monster Club. Turns go clockwise around the table. The only difference from the Monster Club you are used to is that whenever you initiate an attack you first select an opponent to face. Now imagine as if the two board of you and your selected opponent are facing each other during the attack.

See how it works in the comics

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The Multifunctional Board now offers a more expansive view of the cards in play providing maximum clarity. It is also possible to play in compact mode. But the Multifunctional Board allows for many more game modes to be played and experimented with. What exciting game mode can you come up with?

The Multifunctional Board is made of paper and now comes with every Monster Club order!