Monster Club Complete Guide

Wether you are new to Monster Club or are a more experienced player. This guide will set you up for success. Here you'll learn how to play or discover new insights in strategies and tactics.

Free Comic

We tried to make the manual as fun as possible. However, it is much more fun to watch a game of Monster Club first. Jump right into the action and download the free comic now!

Two giant monsters battling on top of a table.
Quicker Cat

The Basics

By taking note of a few basic rules, Monster Club will quickly become your playground. Check out the basics to get started now.

Card Thief Ray

The Cards

Monster Club holds many cards and it holds even more ways to put them to use. Need some specific insights in a certain card? Check this out!

A card rising from the grave.

The Board

Monster Club shines in its simplistic approach. However, the board has different sections and sets the stage for movement and tactic.