Monster Tennis

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Monster Tennis is a quick game of tennis for up to 4 players right there in your pocket.

Monster Tennis also includes all cards you'll find in a regular set of Poker Cards.
 So that's: 

  • 4 Monster Tennis characters for 4 players
  • Easy to learn & explain
  • 54 unique Poker Cards in total
  • 4 suits ♠️♦️♣️♥️
  • 2 Jokers
  • A secret card 🎴

Pick your monster & serve!

Monster Tennis is as easy as picking your favourite monster & start playing! Each card has one to five dots on it. These dots indicate the power of the ball you shoot. You can only counter a ball shot at you with a value of dots that is either one smaller, equal or one greater than the ball shot at you.

Team up in Doubles

Monster Tennis can be played with two or four players. When you play with four players you team up with a partner, just like in Tennis doubles. Teammates may check each other's cards and work out strategies together.

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That's Monster tennis

Monster tennis is quick and easy to learn. Which makes Monster Tennis the perfect party game.

1 VS 1 Monster Tennis

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Each card has a value written out in dots. These dots equal the power of the ball that you counter. The dots are all you need to play the game of Monster Tennis!


Pick a character & optionally a joker. Decide the amount of wins required to be the winner of the game. Shuffle your character’s deck and together decide who serves.


The serving player draws until he holds 3 cards. Play one card to serve and start the game.


Your turn begins. At the start of each turn 
 you draw from your deck until you hold 3 cards.


Counter your opponent’s card with one card from hand that has an equal amount of dots, one dot less or one dot more. Now it’s your opponent’s turn!


If you can’t counter a card you lose.

2 VS 2 Monster Tennis

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Two players team up against two other players. Each player selects a character. Teammates may check each other's cards. When the ball is shot at your team one of the two team members reacts with a counter card. Now it's the other team's turn.


Each player draws from its own deck (character) & always holds 3 cards unless his deck is empty.

What's In The Box?

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Monster TENNIS Poker Cards 

  • 4 Monster Tennis characters ♠️♦️♣️♥️ of 13 cards each.
  • 2 Joker dice cards.
  • Compact guide to get started quickly.

Poker Cards

  • 4 complete suits ♠️♦️♣️♥️ of Poker Cards.
  • 2 Jokers.

How To Play 

Included is a compact guide to get you started playing Monster Tennis quickly. 

Technical specifications

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  • Monster Tennis cards are 2,48 inch x 3,46 inch (63mm x 88mm)
  • All cards involving text are written in English language.
  • The cards have rounded corners which make them more durable.
  • Monster Tennis is produced by Cartamundi in Belgium. The same company that produces the most well known trading card games on the market today.