Monster RPG

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As you travel the vast lands of Monster RPG, you'll encounter all kinds of capturable monsters & wandering NPC’s. But the greatest challengers are your friends around the table! 

 Monster RPG is: 

  • Easy to learn & explain
  • Played with 2 to 4 players
  • Infinite adventures

Press start!

Monster RPG is so easy to get into that the fun begins right away!

Both familiar and new mechanics make their way into Monster RPG. And the battle mode card makes sure even the tiniest monsters stand a chance against the giants of Monster RPG's world.

Watch the Monster RPG movie

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Discover a new world & capture monsters!

In Monster RPG each player starts with 3 monster cards. Together, players traverse the world of Monster RPG, capture wild monsters and battle each other in player versus player matches.

Embark on your Next adventure, and the next...

Because of Monster RPG's randomized nature the game is different each and every time you'll play. So, what are you waiting for?

What's In The Box?

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Monster RPG holds 32 unique RPG cards providing challenges and telling stories, 22 unique monster cards of which some monsters never seen prior to Monster RPG, one flippable battle mode card and a players guide to get started right away!

Technical specifications

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  • Monster RPG cards are 2,48 inch x 3,46 inch (63mm x 88mm)
  • All cards involving text are written in English language.
  • The cards have rounded corners which make them more durable.
  • Monster RPG is produced by Cartamundi in Belgium. The same company that produces the most well known trading card games on the market today.