Set Season Zero

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Monster Club Season Zero is a complete set of 54 unique cards. Play with two players or assemble your own deck of unique cards.

The game is easy to learn and can be played within 10 to 15 minutes. Get ready to bring the life to the party!

So that's:

  • Two decks + 4 cards
  • 54 unique cards in total
  • 2 players at once
  • Easy to learn & play
  • Supports Monster Club Balancing System

What Players say...


Jaime - New Jersey, USA

“I picked up the rules within three minutes. Though the rules are simple, the combos and mind games add depth and personality to every match! Card quality rocks!”

Lonk - California, United States

Play with two

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Two players playing a game of Monster Club.

With the cards included in Monster Club Season Zero two players can compete. Therefore Season Zero holds two balanced decks of unique cards that can be customised at will.

Create your own deck

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Someone drawing a card from its deck.

Monster Club Season Zero is a complete set of 54 unique cards. You can play with two players or assemble your own deck of 25 unique cards. With the cards included in Season Zero the possibilities for deck creation are endless.

The cards inside

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Season Zero holds 54 unique cards. Amongst them are 32 monster cards and 22 power cards. Together, the cards may form two starter decks. Monster Club is even better when you create your own customised deck.

Kingdom Deck

S0-01 The Army's Greatest Force - "This ultimate soldier holds the potential of victory."

S0-02 The First Power Sword - "The first sword forged to wield magical powers. It’s made of gold because that’s fancy."

S0-03 The Most Loyal Mage - "This magical entity values loyalty to its master above all else."

S0-04 Power Destruct - ''A strong spell destroying all equipment.''

S0-05 The Witch Of The Night - "The moon spirit that can form a powerful ally in both an offensive and defensive strategy."

S0-06 The Spirit Sword - "A blade that bears the spirits of the forest. It can only be wielded by magical sensitive entities."

S0-07 Savannah Warrior - "Most who've encountered this creature could not tell the story."

S0-08 Monster Swap - "A trick that enables you to take control of a monster of your opponent."

S0-09 Kiss The Fist - "A rock-hard golden fist."

S0-10 Gonzo Plus - "This monster is powered by the milk light of moon. It climbs the highest mountains to get closer to it."

S0-11 Gonzo The Golden Sentinel - "An ambitious soldier and a giant made of rock merge as one golden sentinel."

S0-12 Armed Knight - "A brave armed knight."

S0-13 Surprise Defence - "Everybody knows it'll come. But when it does everybody's surprised!"

S0-14 A Fire Dragon - "Just a dragon found near volcanic geysers."

S0-15 Return From The Grave - "Should the fallen be brought back to life?"

S0-16 Bad Doggo Of The Grave - "A fur-ious spirit that rarely visits the realm of the mortals. It is said it steals the souls of those who dare touch it."

S0-17 Unarmed Knight - "A brave unarmed knight."

S0-18 The Destacker - "The Destacker prefers to spectate from the shadows. In contrast to most other monsters, the Destacker is aware that he is part of the game of Monster Club."

S0-19 Army Soldier - "A versatile soldier that prefers to fight in pairs."

S0-20 Army Soldier - "A versatile soldier that prefers to fight in pairs."

S0-21 Dragon Neutralizer - "A dragon's nightmare."

S0-22 Gonzo - "A rock with expression."

S0-23 Three Turn Protection - "Three giant dominos only breakable by the passing of time grant you the opportunity to escape. Will you survive?"

S0-24 Deck Genie - "A genie roaming the tombs of the sahara desert."

S0-25 Select & Destroy - "Thunder strikes and nullifies all magical powers it touches."

Dragon Deck

S0-26 Dragon Of The Shimmering - "The one controlling this dragon should handle its shimmering powers with great care."

S0-27 Giggles - "A harmful supreme spirit imprisoned in a card."

S0-28 The Second Power Sword - "The second sword forged to wield magical powers. This sword has a special ability."

S0-29 Combo Dragon #1 - "The first member of a vicious tribe of dragons."

S0-30 Combo Dragon #2 - "The second member of a vicious tribe of dragons."

S0-31 Combo Dragon #3 - "The third member of a vicious tribe of dragons."

S0-32 Good Food - "Monsters demand good food."

S0-33 Card Thief Ray - "The tree-eyed deity of legend."

S0-34 Power Extinction - "A warp between space & time causes all current magic to be nullified."

S0-35 The Mage Of Solar Magic - "Brother and eternal rival of The Witch Of The Night."

S0-36 Power Swap - "A little help from Ray... That's nice, Ray!"

S0-37 Cat Dragon - "Roams in the night."

S0-38 Poisonous Eel - "Eel!"

S0-39 Bat Dragon - "It's just a bat dragon"

S0-40 The High Ground - "The high ground is said to give you the advantage."

S0-41 Heart Soldier - "A courageous spirit that fights with heart."

S0-42 Position Restrict - "None can escape."

S0-43 Pretty Forest Dweller - "A forest spirit that is extremely dynamic. And also very pretty."

S0-44 Lava Girl - "Dreams of a date with another round-shaped monster."

S0-45 The Mask In The Curtains - "A dwelling spirit captured in a card. It is said to exchange living spirits for the ones roaming the grave."

S0-46 Quicker Cat - "A golden cat that disappears in a blink. You'd better watch your money."

S0-47 Deal With The Grave - "Would you make a deal with the grave?"

S0-48 The Grand Power Up - "A festivity for one. Grand terror for some."

S0-49 Stack Safeguard - "Be sure to secure your precious power cards with this card."

S0-50 Rising Moon - "When the moon rises everything falls into slumber."

Extra Cards

S0-51 Combined Force - "Sometimes it takes two."

S0-52 Guardian Of The Forest - "A versatile forest spirit protecting its lands at all cost."

S0-53 Rising Sun - "When the sun rises everything rises."

S0-54 The Witch Of Power - "An ancient witch queen sealing the game of Monster Club."

How To Play

Included is a compact guide to get you started playing Monster Club quickly. The complete guide is filled with rich content, insights & examples on how you play and is available online. Check out the complete guide on

Technical specifications

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  • Compatible with all Monster Club card products.
  • Monster Club cards are 2,48 inch x 3,46 inch (63mm x 88mm)
  • All cards are written in English language.
  • The cards have rounded corners which make them more durable.
  • Monster Club is produced by Cartamundi in Belgium. The same company that produces the most well known trading card games on the market today.

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