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Monster Club Poker Cards is the unique game of Monster Club you know, but in its most primal form.

Monster Club Poker Cards includes all cards you'll find in a regular set of Poker Cards.
 So that's: 

  • 4 Monster Club decks for 4 players
  • 55 unique Poker Cards in total
  • 4 suits ♠️♦️♣️♥️
  • 3 Jokers
  • Easy to learn & explain

The game you know

Monster Club Poker Cards is the Monster Club card game you know. Yet, it's the perfect game to take with you to social gatherings. For with Monster Club Poker Cards you'll always carry 4 perfectly balanced decks ready for 4 players. So everyone can join the party!

And a million games more

Monster Club Poker Cards includes all cards you'll find in a regular set of poker cards, like aces, kings and queens. Enabling uncountable other games to be played with it. But let's be fair...

How to play

Free of language

Monster Club Poker Cards is designed to be universal. Resulting in a game you can even play with someone who doesn't speak the same language as you do. That's socially connecting scaled globally.

Rock, paper...

Monster Club is as easy as rock, paper, scissors. And the role of this mechanic, unique to Monster Club, is even more present in Monster Club Poker Cards. For all decks are perfectly balanced. 

In addition, you can enhance your deck with a random Joker which may grant you the upper hand in unique situations.

Watch the unveil

Monster Club for everyone

Monster Club players say Monster Club is the most relaxed trading card game in the world. And with Monster Club Poker Cards we now introduce the most exciting card game in the world. And it's now so easy to get into! 

This is Monster Club Poker Cards.

What's In The Box?

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Monster Club Poker Cards 

  • 4 Monster Club decks ♠️♦️♣️♥️ of 13 cards each.
  • Each deck consists of 9 monster cards & 4 power cards.
  • 3 Joker monster cards.
  • Compact guide to get started quickly.

Poker Cards

  • 4 complete suits ♠️♦️♣️♥️ of Poker Cards.
  • 3 Jokers.

How To Play 

Included is a compact guide to get you started playing Monster Club Poker Cards quickly. Also the videos on this page make learning the game of Monster Club a matter of minutes.

Technical specifications

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  • Compatible with all Monster Club card products.
  • Monster Club cards are 2,48 inch x 3,46 inch (63mm x 88mm)
  • All cards involving text are written in English language.
  • The cards have rounded corners which make them more durable.
  • Monster Club is produced by Cartamundi in Belgium. The same company that produces the most well known trading card games on the market today.

*Card art & card values may change over time.

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