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Monster Club Season One is a complete set of 54 unique, newly introduced cards. Play with two players or assemble your own deck with the cards introduced in Monster Club Season One.

Monster Club is easy to learn and can be played within 10 to 15 minutes. Get ready to bring the life to the party!
 So that's:

  • Two decks + 4 cards
  • 54 unique cards in total
  • 2 players at once
  • Easy to learn & play

What Players say...


Jaime - New Jersey, USA

“I picked up the rules within three minutes. Though the rules are simple, the combos and mind games add depth and personality to every match! Card quality rocks!”

Lonk - California, United States

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Play with two

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Two players playing a game of Monster Club.

With the cards included in Monster Club Season One two players can compete. Therefore Season One holds two balanced decks of unique cards that can be customized to create your own deck.

Create your own deck

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Someone drawing a card from its deck.

Monster Club Season One is a complete set of 54 unique cards. You can play with two players or assemble your own deck of 25 unique cards. With the cards included in Season One the possibilities for deck creation are endless.

What's In The Box?

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Nature Deck 

S1-01 Lady Lava 

S1-02 Ancient Sword 

S1-03 Fantastic Bird 

S1-04 Guard Gonzo 

S1-05 Echoes 

S1-06 Magnificent Sword
S1-07 Deep Sea Warrior
S1-08 Night’s Tide
S1-09 Plated Army Girl
S1-10 Golden Leaved Forest Mage
S1-11 Oni Dragon
S1-12 Monster Controller
S1-13 Special Army Soldier 

S1-14 How To Trick The Grave 

S1-15 Kitsune Night 

S1-16 Kan Sea Oni 

S1-17 Mango Flamingo Bird 

S1-18 Coon (as in abbreviation of 'raccoon')
S1-19 Plant Dragon
S1-20 Secret Teachings
S1-21 Gonzo & Lava Girl
S1-22 Handy Lil Vampire
S1-23 Ghost In The Night
S1-24 Surprise Defect
S1-25 The Brightest Shine 

Dark Deck 

S1-26 Dantei The Dark 

S1-27 Mist Of Monster 

S1-28 The Dragon Is The Trap 

S1-29 The Oni Edna 

S1-30 Villainous Ring 

S1-31 Shielded Dragon Knight
S1-32 Stack Neutralizer
S1-33 Skull Sky Dragon
S1-34 Shard Of Power
S1-35 Gym’s Greatest Force
S1-36 Coon Coon (as in abbreviation of 'raccoon')
S1-37 Clever Was The Witch
S1-38 Shield Of Night 

S1-39 Jaws Dragon 

S1-40 Grave Robbery 

S1-41 Good Food Gogga 

S1-42 The Monster Festival 

S1-43 Gamble Mage
S1-44 Tiny Dragon
S1-45 Psychic Cat
S1-46 Mind Game
S1-47 Dark Dingus
S1-48 Good Doggo
S1-49 Combo Dragon #0
S1-50 Surprise End 

Extra Cards 

S1-51 Mage Of Error
S1-52 Dark Power Paradox
S1-53 Rock Your World
S1-54 Winged Oni Beast 

How To Play 

Included is a compact guide to get you started playing Monster Club quickly. The complete guide is filled with rich content, insights & examples on how you play and is available online. Check out the complete guide on

Technical specifications

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Ray with a card in hand.
  • Compatible with all Monster Club card products.
  • Monster Club cards are 2,48 inch x 3,46 inch (63mm x 88mm)
  • All cards are written in English language.
  • The cards have rounded corners which make them more durable.
  • Monster Club is produced by Cartamundi in Belgium. The same company that produces the most well known trading card games on the market today.

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